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FREE Generative AI Roadmap from Google with free Google SWAGS

Unveil Google Cloud Swag & Dive into Free Generative AI Training! Join the Google Arcade for 12 days of immersive learning. Discover courses, labs, and videos to master Gen AI. Unlock the potential today
Google Cloud free Swag and Generative AI

Are you ready to explore Google Cloud and Generative AI while scoring fantastic swag? Discover the Google Arcade program and the latest 2023 updates, offering an exciting learning journey.

Google’s Arcade program presents a unique opportunity to earn points through Qwiklabs training, allowing redemption for an array of freebies. From gadgets to goodies, these swags are not just gifts; they’re gateways to expand your knowledge and skills.

The year 2023 promises an exciting lineup of new courses and updates, providing an immersive learning experience for Google Cloud and Generative AI enthusiasts.

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This video showcases the latest Google Cloud Swags and unlocks access to 12 days of no-cost training to learn generative AI this December. This training is an excellent starting point for diving into Gen AI and understanding the intricacies of the Google Cloud Platform.


The 12 days of free generative AI training cater to all skill levels. Start from scratch and progress through workshops and hands-on labs. Earn badges and utilize Codey, Google Cloud’s coding assistance, for quick tutorials – all at no cost!

This holiday season, unwrap the gift of knowledge. Claim your Google Cloud Swags, explore Gen AI, and elevate your learning experience while having fun!

The Google 12 days of no-cost training to learn generative AI this December is divided into two parts

  1. Start with the foundations
  2. Then continue with technical skills

1. Start with the foundations

2. Then continue with technical skills

Ready to level up? For technical experts in various fields:
  • The Arcade: Gain hands-on knowledge in the Google Cloud environment by completing generative AI labs while accumulating points for Google Cloud swag.
  • Gen AI Bootcamp: Progress from foundational to advanced topics through a series of on-demand workshops.
  • What is Codey? Learn in 60 seconds: Explore how Codey simplifies coding, even for beginners, in just 60 seconds!
Discover these and more Generative AI training options at Google Cloud Skills Boost. Unwrap the gift of knowledge this holiday season and set yourself up for an AI-powered future! Want to delve deeper? Check out these valuable links: For more insightful content on Google Cloud and Generative AI, stay tuned to Cyber Toffy and subscribe for updates.

Unlock the potential of Google Cloud and Generative AI today!