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Relationships with Technology are complicated like any other relationship. It is really easy to get lost and waste precious time and money doing something. In doing so, sooner or later you give up and divorce with a tech product, which was exactly meant for your needs. But due to overwhelming information and the learning curve, you give up.

We are the Cyber Toffy, the technology enthusiast and technology counselor or so-called marriage counselor with tech, helping you achieve your goal by making tech simple and easy. A Cyber Toffy a day keeps complexity away. 

Cyber Toffy – Make Tech Easy. You Don’t Need to do a masters in any product to do simple tasks. You need only knowledge to complete your task and move on to the next big thing.

So, keep us subscribed. ( for more regular and simple information to keep your tech relationship healthy. And of course, Like and Share about us and your tech love.