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900 Shorts in 25 Minutes: How I to Create a Monetizable Faceless YouTube Channel with AI Automation.

Discover the secrets to a monetizable faceless YouTube channel using AI automation! Follow our step-by-step guide, from crafting engaging riddles with Chat GPT to automating video creation with Canva. Unleash your AI-powered shorts on YouTube and revolutionize content creation."

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Welcome to the ultimate guide on creating a monetizable YouTube channel powered by AI automation! Join us as we explore step-by-step methods, our adventure starts with a groundbreaking idea: using AI Automated YouTube shorts creation, a YouTube channel that can generate income without showing a face. Amid saturated trends, this tutorial presents a fresh and innovative approach. In this video, we’ll show you how to leverage Chat GPT and Canva to not only build a channel but also create an empire of AI-powered content. By the end, you will not only have a channel but also an automated engine that can generate a whole year’s worth of shorts. Using this method you can create 900 YouTube short in just 25 minutes . These shorts can be scheduled to be uploaded on YouTube at your preferred time.

Understanding the YouTube shorts Market

When you start exploring YouTube’s shorts landscape, it quickly becomes clear that quiz and riddle videos have become real engagement powerhouses. These videos have an interactive nature that really grabs viewers’ attention, leading to longer watch times and lively communities. They break away from the usual content norms and really captivate audiences, resulting in higher engagement metrics. The secret to their success lies in getting viewers actively involved. So, let’s dive into how the success of this genre lays the foundation for our AI-powered YouTube channel strategy..

Step 1: Generating Riddles with Chat GPT

Go to and log in.

Please submit your prompt in chat GPT. The following is an example of the prompt. It’s important to note that the prompt below was also generated using AI. You can use the same approach with your specific niche and prompt.

					As a renowned riddles expert, your task is to create interesting quick riddles for your audience to solve. the riddles should be easy enough to engage and entertain the participants. each riddle should have three options and only one correct answer. please follow the table format provided below to present your riddles

Title | Hook | Body | Option 1 | Option 2 |Option 3 | Answer | Description | Tags

Title: What Am I?
Hook: I'm filled but not with food.
Body: I'm carried everywhere, yet I'm never heavy. What am I?
Option 1:Secrets	
Option 2:Backpack	
Option 3: Cloud	
Answer: Secrets
Description: Get ready for a mind-bending "What Am I?" quiz! Join us for a brain-teasing journey where riddles meet mystery. Can you crack this enigmatic puzzle? Dive into the challenge and test your wits! In this episode, explore the riddle: "I'm filled but not with food. I'm carried everywhere, yet I'm never heavy. What am I?" Think you know the answer? Tune in to see if you've got it right! Don't miss this brain-teasing adventure!
Tags: Riddles, Brain Teasers, Quiz, What Am I, Puzzle, Mystery, Brain Games, Mind Challenge, Fun Riddles, Guessing Game, Riddle Quiz, Brainteasers, Enigmatic Riddles.

Step 2: Organizing Riddles in a Spreadsheet

Chat GPT is here to help! It has a resource limit and can provide you with a bundle of 5-25 riddles. But don’t worry, it can keep going for as long as you want, whether it’s 1000 or 10000 riddles, it doesn’t matter. Generating one bundle only takes about 15 seconds. Once you’re happy with the number of riddles, simply copy all the data into a spreadsheet in CSV format and clean up the data as shown in video.

Step 3: Creating Videos with Canva . Lights, Camera, Canva!

Now comes the exciting part—turning those brilliant riddles into eye-catching shorts! Canva is our playground for creativity. Visit and start creating your template. You can choose any template provided in the Canva library but I suggest creating your own template with your unique channel brand.

  • Select a template or create your own blank design. Make sure to design all elements on one page only otherwise your one short will be spread into different videos.
  • First off, choose a backdrop that sets the mood. Whether it’s a vibrant design or a sleek minimalist look, find something that complements your riddles.
  • Next, it’s text time! Copy those brain teasers into Canva, making sure they’re clear and easy to read. Play around with font styles, sizes, and colors to make them stand out. And hey, if you’re feeling fancy, why not add a text background or a touch of animation? Let’s make these riddles pop off the screen!
  • But wait, there’s more! Canva isn’t just about text. Spice up your videos with illustrations—how about a cool graphic that hints at the answer? Canvas has tools to cut out backgrounds, adding that extra oomph to your visuals.
  • And let’s not forget motion! Check out Canvas animation options—apply them to each element in your riddle video. Watch those words and graphics come to life, captivating your audience with every move.
  • Now, timing is everything. Control when each element appears or disappears—reveal the riddle in stages to build suspense. Keep your audience engaged and intrigued throughout the short.
  • But remember, a video without music is like a riddle without an answer! Find some tunes from YouTube’s Music Library to accompany your creation.

voila! You’ve got a captivating, visually stunning riddle video ready to shine on your YouTube channel. Ready to take your viewers on a thrilling brain-teasing adventure!

Step 4: Automating Video Creation: Let AI Take the Reins for Automated Video Magic

Now, let’s talk about efficiency! We’re about to dive into the world of automation. If you’re ready to create a bunch of shorts without breaking a sweat, this step’s for you.

Head over to Canva’s bulk creation tool—an absolute game-changer! Yes, it’s behind the subscription gate, but fear not! You can snag a free 30-day trial to access this powerhouse of efficiency or depending on the region like India you can avail it for1$ for 1 day and no auto-renewal which is not a bad deal at all.

Once inside Canva Pro, it’s time to put those riddles to work. Copy the riddle/Quiz from your organized spreadsheet, and paste it into Canva’s data variables. Here’s the trick—link each variable of data to its corresponding text. It’s like a puzzle, connecting the dots for Canva to work its magic.

After the connections are set, mark the download as a separate file and hit the ‘generate’ button. In a flash, you’ll have a batch of shorts ready to rock and roll!

But here’s the pro tip: keep it fresh! Tweak the backgrounds or colors for the next batch to avoid a ‘one-size-fits-all’ look.

And just like that, you’ve automated your way to a stack of engaging, AI-powered riddle videos. Let’s get ready to drop these videos on your channel and keep your audience hooked!

Step 5: Uploading Content to YouTube: Sharing Your AI Masterpieces on YouTube

Alright, we’re at the final stage! It’s time to unleash those AI-crafted riddle shorts on the YouTube stage.

Bulk upload all your videos at one time you may need to verify your YouTube channel to upload more than 15 videos per day.

After uploading edit the first videos and add titles, descriptions, and tags from the spreadsheet to the corresponding video.

Now, hit the publish button and watch the magic happen!

And hey, here’s a little secret—consistency is key! Keep those uploads rolling. So we will open the next uploaded video and edit the titles, descriptions, and tags from the spreadsheet to the corresponding video but this time instead of hitting publish we will schedule it for the next day. So our channel can have free content every day. Now schedule all your videos to upload each day, if you have 1000 videos you can schedule it for 1000 days. and your channel is completely automated.

Share your progress, engage with your audience, and who knows? Your AI-powered riddles might just become the next big sensation on YouTube! Keep creating, keep innovating, and let the AI power your channel to success!

Conclusion: Unveiling the Future of AI-Infused Content Creation

And that’s a wrap on our AI-powered YouTube journey! We’ve embarked on an adventure, wielding AI tools like Chat GPT and Canva to craft a trove of captivating riddle shorts.

But this isn’t just about riddles; it’s about the fusion of human creativity with AI’s potential. We’ve witnessed how technology can elevate content creation, generating engaging videos in a breeze.

Remember, this isn’t the end—it’s just the beginning. Consistency is our ally; keep those uploads coming. Engage with your audience, seek feedback, and explore more innovative ideas with AI automation.

We’ve barely scratched the surface of what AI can do for content creators. Keep experimenting, keep pushing boundaries, and who knows? You might just pioneer the next trend in YouTube content creation!

So, here’s to the future—a future where human ingenuity meets AI’s prowess, shaping the landscape of online content. Thank you for reading this blog if this provided you the value consider subscribing to my YouTube channel.